Best Beauty Apps For Selfies

Who needs to buy makeup when you can have fake-up for free? Here are the best beauty apps to pimp your selfies.

1. MakeupPlus

Available for Apple and Android, Free

MakeupPlus may be one of the newer beauty apps on this list, but it is by far one of the best ones. Besides its eerily accurate ability to calibrate the exact location of your features, the app also has a multitude of customisation options – including useful tools like contouring and adding double eyelids. Heck, you can even change the shape of your brows if you want. #mindblown

MakeupPlus-1Original Vs. MakeupPlus Eurasian Filter

The app also has several built-in filters (some pretty and some uh, pretty crazy) so you can enhance your face with just one click. There are even filters to make you look Eurasian, like G-Dragon and even…a pirate (because who doesn’t want to look like a pirate am I right). Ahh technology…you never cease to amaze me.

MakeupPlus is basically like virtual makeup (or should we say fake-up?), so this is the perfect app to turn to if you want to see how a new makeup trend might look on your face.

Cool features: Celebrity and Eurasian Filters, Face Contour, Change Brow Shape and Colour

MakeupPlus-2G-Dragon and Pirate Filter

2. BeautyPlus

Available for Apple and Android, Free

BeautyPlus is the complementary app to MakeupPlus, both of which were launched by the same people behind the popular MeituPic/美图秀秀 photo-editing app.

Whatever sorcery MakeupPlus does with virtual makeup, BeautyPlus does too…but with cosmetic procedures instead. With this app, you can slim your face, make your nose smaller, lengthen your face and even whiten your teeth. It’s pretty much like virtual cosmetic surgery, minus the option to get a boob job.

The app also has a feature which allows you to adjust the tone of your skin, so you can look fairer or fake a tan if you want. If you’re too lazy to adjust the settings, just click the Auto Retouch button and the app will automatically apply the best filters and effects to your selfie.

Cool features: Body and Face Slimming, Height (makes you look taller), Face Contour

BeautyPlus-1Original Vs. BeautyPlus

3. YouCam Makeup

Available for Apple and Android, Free

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, YouCam is the app for you. It has this cool (but kinda strange) feature that lets you add a Kim, Kourtney or Khloe makeup filter to your selfie. Besides standard beautifying features, the app also allows you to pimp your selfies with eyewear and accessories.

One thing YouCam Makeup can really do though, is give you a brand new hairstyle. There are quite a few hairstyles to choose from and you can even fine-tune the hair colour as well. Now, if only they had a Kendall Jenner makeup filter too.

Cool features: Face Contour, Nose Enhancement, Double Eyelid, Change Hair Style and Hair Colour

YouCam-Makeup-1Khloe Kardashian and Indo Tai Tai Filters (Lol just kidding, there’s no Indo Tai Tai filter but you CAN have big hair if you so wish.)

4. Perfect365

Available for Apple and Android, Free

Before MakeupPlus came around, Perfect365 was one of the best apps out there to pimp your selfies. It’s sort of like a combination of MakeupPlus and BeautyPlus, because it has customisation options to enhance both your features and makeup. The app allows you to change everything from your eye colour to how deep you want your smile to be. You can even add glitter around your eyes because…well, a little sparkle never hurt anyone right? I kid, I kid. (But if you ARE going for the drama mama look, then you know which app to use.)

Perfect365 also has a wide variety of filters, categorised according to style (i.e. Everyday, Glamorous and even…Wild lolol), so you can try out different looks with just a few clicks.

Cool features: Eyelashes, Change Hair Style and Colour

Perfect-365-1Original Vs. Perfect365

5. Photo Wonder

Available for Apple and Android, Free

Photo Wonder has all the basic editing features that any good beauty app should have, such as making your face look slimmer, your smile deeper and your eyes bigger. The app also has makeup features, albeit rather basic compared to some of the others on this list. One feature worth trying out though, is the Eyelash tool. Some Eyelash tools on other apps can make your eyes look a bit off, but Photo Wonder is surprisingly accurate at placing virtual eyelashes on just the right spot. In fact, it gives such a natural effect that you almost can’t tell that they’re fake.

Photo Wonder also has a boob enlarging feature, so you know which app to turn to for that bikini selfie. Don’t forget to complete your enhanced selfie with some of the app’s cutesy stickers.

Cool features: Boob Enlarging, Thinify, Smile Adjustment, Eyelashes

PhotoWonder-1I went a little overboard with the stickers, if you couldn’t already tell.

6. Virtual Makeover

Available for Apple and Android, Free

Virtual Makeover doesn’t have typical beautifying tools like skin whitening, eye enlarging and whatnot, but it’s still worth a try.

The app lets you (virtually) try out different makeup products from brands like Make Up For Ever and Inglot, so you can see how a specific shade may look on you. It even has this interesting feature where you can take a selfie, and it will match a foundation shade to your skin tone. Not a bad app to check out before you go on that Sephora shopping spree.

Oh and if you’re feeling bored, try some of their one-click celebrity filters. You know you want to try out that Kim Kardashian filter.

Cool features: Celebrity filters, which include looks for Kim Kardashian, Jessica Chastain, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Virtual-Makeover-1Kim Kardashian and Jessica Chastain filters

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