6 Indonesian Beauty Brands You Should Know About

When it comes to Asian beauty, Japanese or Korean brands almost always take the top spot. However, an up-and-coming player just might lay claim to the throne soon. Known for their stunning batiks and OTT glamour, Indonesia is rising from the ashes as a vanguard of the Asian beauty industry. If you haven’t already heard about them, here are the best Indonesian beauty brands to check out.

1. Rosé All Day

Available on Rosé All Day.

If you love a high concept look but want to keep it as low maintenance as possible, Rosé All Day has you covered with their long-wearing lip and cheek duo sticks. These sticks make it so easy to create various makeup looks, and are somewhat similar to – dare we say – the NARS Multiple (but at a fraction of the price).

Packed with plenty of pigments, the duo sticks will take you from a “no makeup” makeup look to full-on glam in just a few swipes. The shades are inspired by rosé, so you can expect colours that range from My-Lips-But-Better nudes to pretty pink champagne hues. You can also mix the shades (just like your favourite Friday night cocktails), because hey, that’s what makes makeup even more fun right?

(Source: Rosé All Day)

2. Rollover Reaction

Available on Rollover Reaction or Coma Makeup.

Remember the days when you used to spend hours on Tumblr re-blogging ’90s movie clips? Inspired by style icons of the pre-Kylie era (remember those days?), each Rollover Reaction lip shade is named after a popular personality – from Kate Moss to Grace Jones. The liquid lipsticks are bold, highly-pigmented and matte, with shades that range from marvellous mauves to radical reds.

Rollover Reaction doesn’t ship directly to Singapore at this time, but you can purchase their products through beauty site Coma.

(Source: Rollover Reaction)

3. LAYN Cosmetics

Available on BOBOBOBO.

Love luxury lipsticks, but not the (sometimes scary) price tags? Look no further than LAYN Cosmetics, an Indonesian beauty brand which was recently launched in September this year. Whether you want an easy everyday look or a #fotd that is on fleek, LAYN has you covered with their multi-purpose lipsticks that can be applied to the lips, cheeks and eyelids. The best part? They come in a bunch of neutral earthy shades and are only 150,000 rupiah (15 SGD) a pop.

(Source: LAYN Cosmetics)

4. Wardah Beauty

Available at leading drugstores in Indonesia or on Halal Cosmetics.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, Wardah Beauty is the brand for you. It was top rated on the American Acne Foundation’s best acne treatment comparison post, and for good reason. From Vitamin C-infused serums to oil-free face powders, Wardah Beauty has plenty of products for those of us with less than perfect skin (hear hear). If you want to try out something simple for a start, go for the pressed compact powder, which is perfect for touch-ups on the go. The brand is also certified Halal.

(Source: Wardah Beauty)

5. BLP Beauty

Available on BLP Beauty.

Sorry Kylie, but BLP Beauty is giving your lip kits a run for their money. Started by Indonesian YouTube beauty guru Lizzie Parra, the up-and-coming brand features a small but curated selection of liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows and brow products. The lip shades are designed to complement various skin tones, and are way more affordable than a certain celebrity makeup brand (ahem) – so what more could you ask for in a lipstick?

(Source: BLP Beauty Facebook)

6. ESQA Cosmetics

Available on ESQA Cosmetics.

ESQA Cosmetics is one of the few vegan makeup brands in Asia, and the best part is that their products are actually great too. The brand is somewhat like a hybrid between Benefit Cosmetics and Hourglass Cosmetics, with a classy but casual feel to the products. Check out their amazing cheek palette to fake a California girl glow, then complete your #fotd with one of their lip crayons in a natural shade.

(Source: ESQA)

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