Events 5 things to do in november-featured

5 Things To Do: November 2014

Jason Mraz’s concert, Orchard Road’s Christmas light-up and the biggest hawker festival ever!

Lifestyle Halloween Costumes Funny Bad-featured

10 Halloween Costumes So Bad They’re Actually Funny

Confused Slutty Nun, Sexy Ebola Hazmat Suit and…a Penis Apron?

Top 10 Lists Top 10 Ways Spot Singaporean Overseas-featured

Top 10 Ways To Spot A Singaporean Overseas

We’ll be the ones queuing, even when there’s no designated line.

Lifestyle How to get better flatlay-featured

How To Get Better Flat Lay Photos

Because getting the perfect flat lay photo is harder than it looks.

Lifestyle SONY DSC

Best Places To Get Halloween Costumes

Where to buy or rent costumes this Halloween.

Top 10 Lists Top 10 Worst Carousell Buyers-featured

Top 10 Worst Types Of Carousell Buyers

Because there’s nothing worse than a rude cheapskate. Who has the communication skills of an ape.

Lifestyle Best Halloween Characters-featured

Best Characters To Dress Up As This Halloween

Because being a sexy bunny for Halloween is SO overdone.

Lifestyle Taxi Singapore-featured

Singapore Life Hacks You Need To Know

Where to find cheaper parking in town, how to get free stuff, and a secret taxi line to call when you’re desperate.

Events Illumination Photos-featured

These Photos From ILLU MINATION At Siloso Beach Are Pretty Amazing

The glow-in-the-dark paint party attracted thousands of people last weekend.

Lifestyle Pizza Hut Pink Fat Lady-featured

Pizza Hut Calls Customer ‘Pink Fat Lady’, She Is Understandably Pissed

Oooh looks like someone is getting fired tonight…

Top 10 Lists Top 10 Singaporean Guys Do-featured

Top 10 Things Singaporean Guys Do

Because asking you to apply for a HDB with us is much easier than a marriage proposal.

Top 10 Lists Top 10 Things Singaporeans Love To Hate-featured

Top 10 Things Singaporeans Love To Hate

The government, MRT breakdowns, obnoxious foreigners…and when McDonald’s changes its curry sauce policy.