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How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake

Tips on making your homemade cupcakes look professional.

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Watch these people interview for the world’s toughest job

No breaks, unlimited working hours and an increased work load during the holidays?!

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How Not To Be Pretentious

Because calling your expensive watch a timepiece is dumb.

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Hawker makes 150 packets of chicken rice, customer is a no-show

Obvious reasons why the customer didn’t come back to claim his chicken rice.

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5 Things People Should Stop Blogging About

Because there are better things to write about.

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Top 10 Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t

Common female habits explained.

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Dash’s First Birthday Bash

The social media star celebrated with a Superheros vs Supervillains themed party.

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Teenager Becomes A Millionaire Overnight From A Lollipop

This lucky high school student found something really special in his Chupa Chup.

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Behind The Scenes With Budget Barbie

Some causeway drama, lots of great deals and…mosquito-infested malls? A recap of our great Johor adventure with Qiu Qiu.

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Why Holes Are Actually Fashionable

It’s called distressed, not hole-y ok?

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Favourite Fashion Blogs

Amazing fashion blogs you probably didn’t know about.

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How To Organise Your Bathroom

Life hacks that will completely change your bathroom experience. Really.